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Patriotism Expressed in Pumper's Fleet; In Concrete Industry

Patriotism Expressed in Pumper's Fleet; In Concrete Industry

When Pioneer Concrete Pumping in Atlanta flew the American flag 190 feet high from their Putzmeister 58-Meter concrete boom pump, they were merely showing their patriotism as a result of the September 11 tragedy.

"To show our support, we looked for the biggest flag we could find. We finally found a huge 15- x 25-foot one," said Pat Inglese, owner of Pioneer Concrete Pumping. "Then, we put it on the largest unit in our fleet, which is also the largest boom pump size in America - our Putzmeister 58-Meter. The high flying flag could be clearly seen over a three mile radius."

The impressive display prompted TV and radio networks to broadcast the sight, touting it as the biggest flagpole in Georgia. Competitive pumping companies in the area humorously nicknamed it the "million dollar" flagpole, saying it was the most expensive pole around. And it incited several people passing by the location to call Pioneer and tell them how proud they were of the company's display of American support.

Every day and night, the American flag proudly continues to wave atop a boom pump from Pioneer's fleet - either the mighty 58-meter or the next largest size, depending on availability. This waving red, white and blue spectacle was one special way to further express Pioneer's national allegiance, while financial contributions to the victims of the tragic event were another avenue the company pursued.

Like Pioneer, many other concrete placing companies and manufacturers have offered their financial, spiritual and symbolic support to the cause. These range from contributing to disaster relief funds, donating pumping equipment to the clean up efforts in New York, giving blood, and just the mere display of the American flag with a renewed appreciation for our great country.

In an industry plagued by intense competition, we now pause, reflect and react by going to neutral ground and rallying for a common cause - better realizing what's really important after all.