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New S5-EV Rotor/stator Pump Introduced by Putzmeister

New S5-EV Rotor/stator Pump Introduced by Putzmeister

Engineering breakthrough extends pump life, increases productivity

Putzmeister America recently introduced the third generation of its electric-powered S5-EV rotor/stator pump.

This new unit features "breakthrough" technology with a built-in variable frequency drive (VFD), giving this pump the longest life and highest productivity in the rotor/stator industry.

The VFD converts single-phase electric power into more efficient and reliable three-phase power. Because job sites are predominantly equipped with single-phase electric power, they cannot provide the necessary power for the motor to achieve maximum machine outputs.

The new S5 pump delivers reliable, efficient operation for contractors applying plaster, stucco, EIFS, mortar, fireproofing materials, grouts, floor leveling compounds and many other specialty materials.

"After 10 years of research and development, this is the first mobile rotor/stator pump that is equipped with a VFD," said Richard Boucher, general manager for Putzmeister's Mortar Machine Division in Anaheim, Calif.

According to Boucher, single-phase electric power puts a tremendous strain on a unit not equipped with a VFD. Variable frequency drive provides power conditioning and serves as an automatic transmission, eliminating all of the problems caused by a belt box.

He added, "We eliminated the belt box entirely with the built-in VFD, significantly increasing the unit's longevity and productivity." Without the belt box, the S5-EV runs efficiently at any speed from 300 to 3,000 rpm. When the unit stops, the motor starts at low speed, which greatly reduces motor wear.

The VFD on the S5-EV is compact and weighs only 12 pounds (5.4 kg). The S5 pump is also one of the most compact units available in the market.

Another new feature on this pump is a convenient speed control at the nozzle that lets operators adjust the material output electronically any time during pump operation. This eliminates manually operating a hand wheel at the pump.

The S5 is offered in both electric and gas versions, as well as with batch and continuous mixers. The pumps have material outputs from 1.5 to 23.5 gpm and pressures from 350 to 580 psi (2.4 to 4 N/m2).

The new electric-powered S5 pump was introduced at the Association of Walls and Ceilings Industry show in April 1999. "Because of the overwhelming acceptance of this pump, especially from fireproofing contractors," said Boucher, "we also developed a conversion kit to upgrade existing S5-EV units."