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New City Pumps Enhance Putzmeister America, Inc. Offering

Putzmeister America’s new City Pump CP 1409H D. (Photo above is shown with an example chassis.)

Putzmeister America’s new City Pump CP 2110 HP.

With the CP 2110 HP, a convenient switch of hoses is possible by using the optional SBU rod/piston conversion system, which allows the user to switch to the piston side quickly and easily for higher pressure pumping.

New City Pumps Enhance Putzmeister America, Inc. Offering

Convenience and affordability built into CP 1409H D and CP 2110 HP

STURTEVANT, WI (November 3, 2008) – Putzmeister America, Inc. announces two new additions to its versatile City Pump line: the CP 1409H D and CP 2110 HP.

“The CP 1409H D was primarily designed for export,” says Bill Dwyer, Vice President – Sales & Marketing. “With its modular pump assembly independent from the chassis, this unit can be shipped in a standard 40-foot container. It runs exclusively off an auxiliary 197 hp (147kW) Deutz power unit, offering the flexibility for the customer to select the make and model of chassis that best meets their budget and needs.”

The CP 1409H D offers compact dimensions and plenty of storage space for pipe system and accessories. Deck-mounted pipe racks accommodate 30 pipes 10 feet (3m) long and are accessible by convenient fold-down side panels.

“The large capacity RS 905A hopper and powerful S-Valve are a reliable combination,” adds Dwyer. “Outputs up to 123 cubic yards per hour (94m3/hr) can be achieved with this unit.”

Designed for versatility, the truck-mounted CP 2110 HP offers the option of higher pressure when needed. “The CP 2110 HP features an optional SBU rod/piston conversion kit making it capable of pumping pressures up to 3,200 psi (220 bar) on the piston side,” notes Dwyer. “This unit can also handle a range of applications including high-rise jobs and can pump up to 139 cubic yards per hour (106m3/hr).

The CP 2110 HP features open, spacious decks, breakaway rear steps and a large capacity
RS 905HPF hopper.

Other standard features of the CP 1409H D and the CP 2110 HP include:
•Ergonic® Pump Control System (EPS)
•24V electrical system
•Exclusive free flow hydraulics
•Modular flatpack design
•Multi-piece piston cup design
•Hard-chromed material cylinders
•Fully-enclosed weatherproof control panel with Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD)
•Remote control with 130-foot (40m) cable
•Fully hydraulic rear outriggers that extend down
•Ship-away kit with replacement filters

For more information on the CP 1409H D and CP 2110 HP, visit www.putzmeister.com or call 1-800-884-7210.