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German Ambassador Visits Putzmeister

German Ambassador Visits Putzmeister

STURTEVANT, Wis. (March 27, 2004) – On Saturday March 27, Putzmeister America hosted the German ambassador to the US, Mr. Wolfgang Ischinger. The ambassador visited the company’s Wisconsin facilities as part of a trip sponsored by the Midwest-Wisconsin Chapter of the German-American Chamber of Commerce.

The ambassador was welcomed and provided a company tour by Matthias Heinz, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Putzmeister America. The Putzmeister organization, which produces concrete and material placing equipment is headquartered in Aichtal, Germany, and was of particular interest to the ambassador who was born in the neighboring city of Nuertingen.

During the tour, Ambassador Ischinger was especially impressed with Putzmeister’s state-of-the-art, four-story paint facility along with the large work force found there on a Saturday. The increased number of personnel working on weekends was not staged; it’s a typical occurrence due to the high sales demand for Putzmeister equipment.

The ambassador’s visit was scheduled as an objective by the Wisconsin Chapter to provide networking opportunities for Wisconsin companies with business interests in Germany and to facilitate two-way trade. In turn, Mr. Ischinger had his own objectives during his two-day visit.

As the ambassador of Germany to the US (not the ambassador to Washington DC), his goodwill duties require him to travel to various regions of the US. Wisconsin was of special interest due to its strong German community. Another task was to explore local companies’ interest in doing business with Germany.

His final and most important objective was to make sure American people do not have misconceptions about what the trans-Atlantic state of affairs is and where it’s headed. He cited several examples of how Germany has been the biggest ally of the US in the fight against terrorism.

Besides the Putzmeister visit, the ambassador also toured the nearby SC Johnson manufacturing facilities, spoke at various functions with greater Milwaukee area business people, and attended a fund-raising event for the German Immersion School.