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Can You Identify this Concrete Pumper?

When 52-year-old Luther Stem, owner of Luther Stem Concrete Pumping, Fort Smith, Ark., isn’t pumping concrete, he often can be found racing motorcycles off-road on the Black Jack Enduro Circuit.

Luther Stem wears two hats: a construction hard hat when operating a fleet of Putzmeister boom pumps (background) and a motorcycle helmet when off-road motorcycle racing.

Can You Identify this Concrete Pumper?

STURTEVANT, Wis. (June 04, 2004) –Most concrete pumpers joke often about how crazy they must be to work in their challenging, unique profession. Luther Stem, owner of Luther Stem Concrete Pumping, Fort Smith, Ark., considers himself crazier than most because his hobby is somewhat offbeat as well.

When Stem isn’t operating and managing his fleet of Putzmeister boom pumps, he is racing motorcycles off road on the Black Jack Enduro Circuit. Stem also is chairman of the Black Jack Enduro Circuit Club, which includes seven groups that sponsor 13 races throughout the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and Missouri.

Enduro motorcycle racing tests the physical and mental endurance of the rider as well as the mechanical performance of the machine. Most events cover from 60 to 100 miles, for long courses, and 40 to 60 miles for shorter courses which Stem prefers. Riders must be skilled at riding their motorcycle while simultaneously keeping a mental log of their pace.

They must try to maintain an exact schedule, regardless of the difficult terrain or varying conditions they may encounter. Quick thinking and problem-solving abilities are a must.

Coincidentally, Stem relies on similar skills when he exchanges his motorcycle racing helmet for a construction hard hat. “I like to compete in my business as much as I do on the motorcycle,” he said. “The sense of pride in completing a job to a customer's satisfaction is just as fulfilling as winning first place in one of my motorcycle races.

“I also enjoy the friendships I have made pumping concrete as much as the friendships I have made riding motorcycles. Like pumping concrete, it just gets in your blood.”

Stem began racing motorcycles at age 13. He currently competes in the A Super Senior Class for expert riders who have reached age 50. With five class championships and six finishes in third place or better, he currently holds first place in this year’s 13-race schedule, now one-third completed.

For more information, visit the Website www.blackjackenduro.com.