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PWT 250 Series Takes Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting to a Higher Level

Putzmeister Water Technology introduces the PWT 250 Series with pressures up to 40,500 psi.

PWT 250 Series Takes Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting to a Higher Level

STURTEVANT, Wis. (May 29, 2006) – Designed with the needs of industrial cleaning contractors in mind, the new PWT 250 Series is the latest in a long line of high and ultra high pressure water cleaning products offered by the Water Technology Division of Putzmeister America.

With exceptional flow rates of 3.7 – 7.4 gpm at 40,500 psi, the PWT 250-40 is the most powerful in the 250 Series, allowing dual jet gun operation saving time and money. Contractors can also choose to use different tools, such as a floor cleaner and a wall cleaner from a wide range of accessories available.

“Offering the highest pressures and flow rates in our product line, the PWT 250 Series is very versatile and competitively-priced,” says Putzmeister Water Technology General Manager Eric Zimmermann. “Its advanced technology guarantees the user the best results possible. The combination of a well-designed vertical pump unit and a selection of complementary accessories outperform any equal horsepower unit on the market. And we’re willing to prove it.”

Featuring maximum performance in a compact, lightweight package, the PWT 250 Series includes a noise insulating hood, pneumatic unloader valves for smooth operation, electronic speed and engine control and a water-cooled diesel engine in compliance with future emission standards.

Contractors will find the PWT 250 Series well-suited for a range of applications including paint stripping, hydrodemolition with ultra high pressure, road stripping, heat exchanger cleaning, cleaning and resurfacing of concrete as well as vessel and reactor cleaning.

Models are simple to use and compatible with virtually all ultra high pressure accessories. This includes high pressure hoses, spray lances, jet guns, extension lances for guns, single jet nozzles, rotating nozzles, rotating mortising nozzles, foot valves, dump guns and tumble boxes.

The PWT 250 Series comes standard as a skid-mounted stationary unit. A trailer-mounted option is available by request. In addition to the PWT 250-40, the line consists of the PWT 250-30 with a maximum pressure of 30,000 psi @ 5.3 - 10.6 gpm, the PWT 250-23 maximum pressure of 23,000 psi @ 6.6 – 13.2 gpm and the PWT 250-17 maximum pressure of 17,500 psi @ 8.3 – 16.6 gpm. Other configurations are available upon request.

With pump units ranging from 2,000 psi to 40,000 psi, Putzmeister Water Technology has a product line for every water cleaning and jetting need.

For more information on the Putzmeister’s full line of PWT high pressure cleaning equipment, Aquajet Systems hydrodemolition equipment and TST personal protective equipment, please contact the Houston Service Center at 281-449-2100 or e-mail Eric Zimmermann at zimmermanne@putzam.com.