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Three-axle 40Z-Meter Putzmeister concrete boom pump takes on BIGGER boom pump job

As nothing bigger would have fit in the tight spot on the job site and nothing smaller would have had the reach needed, the new three-axle Putzmeister 40Z boom pump revealed its special combination of features to efficiently pump concrete on the Atlanta Plaza Midtown development.

Pioneer Concrete Pumping Services of Atlanta, Georgia took delivery of the first Putzmeister 40Z-Meter after the unit’s debut at the World of Concrete 2005.

A Fibermesh® concrete mix was pumped for the entrance to the project’s parking structure. The photo illustrates the steel and synthetic blend of fibers.

The versatility of the Putzmeister Multi-Z boom configuration allows convenient concrete placement.

Three-axle 40Z-Meter Putzmeister concrete boom pump takes on BIGGER boom pump job

New 40Z-ON-3 debuts on Atlanta’s Plaza Midtown job site

STURTEVANT, Wis. (February 2, 2005) – When the general contractor for the Atlanta Plaza Midtown development requested a large 58-Meter boom pump for a concrete placing job, the crew was notably surprised when a smaller sized 40Z-Meter arrived on site and easily handled the task.

Originally, the 58-meter was ordered for its long reach, as space constraints on the site dictated that the boom pump set up on the street and extend 174 ft horizontally over obstacles to place concrete for the general contractor Brasfield & Gorrie LLC of Atlanta. Instead, the newly introduced Putzmeister 40Z-Meter arrived and demonstrated how its unique combination of features could accomplish the same job with a smaller model. The unit efficiently placed 210 cubic yards of concrete for the entrance ramp to the project’s parking structure.

Job superintendent J.R. Strickland of Brasfield & Gorrie said, “The new three-axle 40Z pulled right up to the edge of the pour. The unit’s tight turning radius and extremely small outrigger footprint seemed to be designed just for this job. Nothing bigger would have fit in the tight spot on site and nothing smaller would have had the reach we needed.”

Pioneer Concrete Pumping Services of Atlanta, Georgia took delivery of the first produced 40Z-Meter, which was nicknamed 40Z-ON-3 for its special three-axle mounting. The truck-mounted boom pump went from its unveiling at the World of Concrete 2005 exhibition to pumping concrete. Its benefits have already been apparent to the pumping company, which offers one of the largest fleets in the nation.

With over 30 years in the concrete pumping business, owner Pat Inglese of Pioneer says, “At under 56,000 lbs, the Putzmeister 40Z-Meter is the lightest boom pump in the 40-meter reach class. The manufacturer specifically designed it that way for mounting on a three-axle truck, and that offers great benefits for us. We can now get into tight areas with the maneuverability of the three-axle truck and provide a longer reach than possible before. Consequently, we can better satisfy contractors requests and help save them money.”

Using the 40Z-Meter versus a 58-Meter saved the contractor an astounding 65% in pumping costs on this particular slab on grade job. Plus, it was conveniently achieved without sacrificing any reach. Attaining full concrete coverage to all areas of the pour with the unit’s long 107 ft 7 inch net reach, the unit helped eliminate the need to drag additional hose.

In addition to its ability to squeeze into a confined area, the unit’s hydraulically operated “X” brace outriggers diagonally telescope outward in the front and swing out in the rear for a compact setup. The 40Z can fully deploy its outriggers at a spread of only 20 ft 11 in at the front and 23 ft 1 in at the rear.

Pioneer salesman Cory Postlewait notes, “This lightweight boom pump model also features the Multi-Z boom, which was designed to maneuver in, over and around obstacles to place concrete in difficult-to-reach places. We’re expecting to use the versatility of this feature on future pours.”

Cory says, “Of added interest to the Plaza Midtown pour was the use of a specially designed Fibermesh® concrete mix. The new 40Z effectively pumped it without a problem.”

LaFarge of Atlanta supplied the specified Fibermesh® concrete mix, which is produced by SI Concrete Systems. Containing special fibers to help keep the mix cohesive, Fibermesh® offers an optional approach to using conventional steel rebar.

Philip Dyer, Manager of Engineering Services for SI Concrete Systems says, “We’ve found that while a Fibermesh® concrete mix is priced more per cubic yard than standard concrete, the square footage cost ends up less when compared with using conventional steel. And although Fibermesh® was introduced in the 1980s, we’re still educating the industry about its features and benefits.”

If it were possible to look into a cube of Fibermesh® concrete, one would see millions of virgin polypropylene Fibermesh® fibers uniformly distributed in all directions throughout the concrete mix. As micro cracks begin to develop due to water loss and shrinkage, the cracks intersect with Fibermesh® fibers, which block their growth and provide higher tensile strain capacity at this critical time. Therefore, cracks shouldn’t develop into macro cracks or other potential problems.

Not only did the concrete and equipment display unusual attributes, so did the overall project. The Plaza Midtown is a 550,000-square-foot “mixed-use” development in Midtown – the heart of downtown Atlanta. The site, located on 3.3 acres at 950 W. Peachtree Road, encompasses an entire block that is ‘up and coming’. It’s ironic that years ago, one would not have wanted to venture in this area; but now it is under aggressive development into a special “mix” of residential and retail.

Specifically, the project comprises 452 condominium units within two 20-story towers. A one-acre plaza between the towers will include a 2,500 square-foot swimming pool and a 3,500 square-foot clubroom and fitness center facility.

In addition, the project will feature 70,000 square feet of street-level retail, dining and entertainment space, anchored by a Publix supermarket. Hence, the Plaza Midtown will be the first major residential condominium project in Atlanta with a supermarket on the ground level, providing its residents access to grocery shopping without leaving the property.

The Daniel Corp. of Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta-based Selig Enterprises, Inc. joined forces to develop the $100 million project. Selig is well known in Atlanta for its retail projects, while Daniel Corp.’s expertise is exclusively residential.

Initial construction began in September 2004, and the next prominent stage is the development of the two 20-story towers estimated to commence in April 2005. The first condo units are presently scheduled for availability in 2006.

General contractor: Brasfield & Gorrie LLC – Atlanta, GA
Pumping contractor: Pioneer Concrete Pumping Services, Inc. – Smyrna, GA
Ready-mix supplier: LaFarge – Atlanta, GA
Equipment: Putzmeister 40Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump