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Installing a Putzmeister pin tower

This article is a sidebar to the "Getting to the Bottom of Wachovia Corporate Center’s Colossal Footprint" job story.

“The steps for installing a Putzmeister pin tower couldn’t be simpler. Because the system uses pins instead of bolts, we just position the tower, drive the pins in and we’re done,” says Robert Brus, of CCP. “We don’t have to waste valuable time torquing bolts down to specific pounds; with the large scale of this project, efficiency has become even more important.”

Step 1: According to Brus, prior to the tower being installed, the foundation anchors are imbedded in concrete which will hold the tower steady throughout the project.

Step 2: The following morning, a crane lowers the 20 feet of tower to the embedded foundation anchors.

Step 3: The tower is then connected to the anchors by four heavy-duty pins.

Step 4: Once the pins are in place, the tower’s adapter, which will eventually hold the tower’s pedestal, is placed by the crane at the top of the tower.

Step 5: After the tower adapter’s in place, the pipeline is set up through the tower.

Step 6: Then, the four-sided work platform is installed, followed by the pedestal and finally the placing boom is flown by crane to the tower and secured.

Step 7: Once the boom’s secured, the rest of the pipeline is connected to the boom

“This process has, no question, improved our job site efficiency,” Brus notes.