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Putzmeister Telebelt® and Boom Pump Let Contractor Complete High-Volume Pour in Between Rains

In less than six hours, the Telebelt® TB 130 conveyor and 38Z-Meter boom pump placed 1,070 cubic yards of concrete.

Teaming up with the Telebelt® TB 130 conveyor, the 38Z-Meter boom pump added its 110-foot horizontal reach and 210-yard, hourly output capacity to complete the pour.

The Telebelt® TB 130 conveyor and 38Z-Meter boom pump proved a perfect combination for maximum reach when both were stretched out horizontally.

With a horizontal reach of 130 feet and capable of placing 360 cubic yards of concrete an hour, the Telebelt® TB 130 was the main output force on the pour.

During a break in the rains that soaked northern Illinois this summer, crews from Manning Concrete and Team Cassidy poured a 41,000-square-foot slab in less than six hours.

Putzmeister Telebelt® and Boom Pump Let Contractor Complete High-Volume Pour in Between Rains

STURTEVANT, Wis. (September 2004) – Persistent rain in the Midwest this summer forced concrete contractors to work quickly between storms and to use equipment that let them pour large volumes while the weather held.

A case in point involved construction of a Costco Wholesale Corp. warehouse in Mt. Prospect, Ill. Costco, of Bellevue, Wash., is the nation’s largest warehouse club chain operator. Offering discount prices on about 4,500 products, many in bulk packages, Costco serves approximately 42 million cardholders in 38 states and seven foreign countries.

Already familiar with building warehouses for Costco, Barclay Dean Construction, also of Bellevue, was the general contractor for the Mt. Prospect store.

Because of the unusually wet weather, Barclay Dean and its subcontractors had to take advantage of any minor breaks in the rains, even mere hours, to keep the $1.9 million project on schedule for an August completion. Manning Concrete, the concrete contractor, and Team Cassidy, the placing contractor and a sister company, both of Huntley, Ill., were responsible for pouring an 8-inch-thick pad to support a 41,000-square-foot storm water retention facility with a capacity of 1.5 million gallons. Such storm water holding tanks are ideal in urban areas where land is unavailable for conventional detention ponds.

Ultimately, the parking lot for the Costco store would be built over the storm water holding tanks.

“Because of the unusually wet weather, we had a small window of opportunity to set rebar and place concrete and we took it,” said Wayne Manning, vice president of Manning Concrete. “We worked at full speed over a Friday and Saturday to finish it.”

A Manning Concrete crew tied rebar on Friday. The next day, they were joined by a Team Cassidy crew in placing the concrete into a large, irregular-shaped slab about the size of a football field. Pouring on a Saturday morning increased the availability of concrete, which was dispatched from Meyer Materials in Des Plaines, Ill.

Using a Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130, the largest truck-mounted belt conveyor on the market, and a Putzmeister 38Z-Meter boom pump, some 1,070 cubic yards were poured in less than six hours.

"Over 1,000 yards in six hours is a lot of yardage to place in a short amount of time, but our equipment and crew did it with exceptional speed to beat the weather,” Manning said.

Each piece of equipment was strategically positioned at opposite ends of the job site. Two end hoses met in the middle. With the Telebelt® capable of a 130-foot horizontal reach and an hourly output of 360 cubic yards, the unit proved to be a major output force on the pour.

Meanwhile, the 38Z-Meter assisted with its full 110-foot horizontal reach and maximum 210-yard output. The boom pump was dispatched from Manning’s Badgerland branch office in Madison, Wis.

“What struck me most about the pour was that when the Telebelt® 130 and 38Z-Meter were both stretched out horizontally, they were the perfect combination for maximum reach,” said Chris Petrillo, co-owner of Team Cassidy.

“A Telebelt® 105 wouldn’t have offered enough reach for this job and anything larger than a 38Z would have been a waste of money for the contractor.”

Manning, who bought his first Telebelt® in 1998, added, “I prefer a Telebelt® for handling high-volume pours such as this one and we’ve found it extremely versatile in several other applications because the conveyor can place both stone and concrete in the same setting.”

Manning Concrete has been in business for more than 20 years with brothers Wayne and Tom Manning working as partners. They formed Team Cassidy as a separate business to rent conveyors and boom pumps. They jointly own that business along with Petrillo.

Their modern concrete equipment fleet consists of nine Telebelt® conveyors and three Putzmeister boom pumps. Three of the Telebelts® were purchased this year.

General Contractor: Barclay Dean Construction, Bellevue, Wash.
Concrete Contractor: Manning Concrete, Huntley, Ill.
Concrete Supplier: Meyer Materials, Des Plaines, Ill.
Placing Contractor: Team Cassidy, Huntley
Equipment: Putzmeister Telebelt® TB 130 and Putzmeister 38Z-Meter concrete boom pump