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Putzmeister Pumps at the Center of Two Record-Setting Concrete Pours in Orange County, California

Putzmeister Pumps at the Center of Two Record-Setting Concrete Pours in Orange County, California

STURTEVANT, Wis. (May 27, 2004) – Two record-setting concrete pours occurred in Orange County, Calif., less than a month apart, both in the same location and using the same pumps.

The first – the largest single-day pour in Orange County history – took place Jan. 24 in Irvine when approximately 8,150 cubic yards of concrete were pumped at the Marquee of Park Place. The concrete formed a 10-foot-thick foundation for the West Tower, the first of two, 18-story residential high-rises.

The second record-setting pour surpassed the first and occurred at the same location when approximately 8,400 yards of concrete was pumped on Feb. 21. Yet another 10-foot-thick foundation for the companion East Tower was pumped in 10 hours.

The Marquee towers are the newest addition to a planned “city within a city” at Park Place that features a unique living-working-dining-entertainment experience. When completed, the condominium towers are destined to become Park Place's flagship buildings and will be surrounded by mid-size office buildings, retail stores, restaurants and other amenities.

Built by Bosa Development California Inc., the 232-unit luxury condo towers are the first of their kind in Irvine. They mark another milestone in the community's transition from a small suburb of Los Angeles just a few decades ago, to a growing city it its own right.

The 10-hour pour for the West Tower involved seven concrete boom pumps and nearly 120 mixer trucks delivering approximately 840 loads of concrete. The mixers were dispatched from throughout Orange County and from as far away as Alhambra, Calif.

Two 38-Meter Putzmeister concrete boom pumps, two 46-Meter and two 52-Meter were used to actually pump concrete. Because of limited work space, one of the 38-Meter pumps pumped into a 55-Meter model, the boom of which then extended 250 feet of line to place concrete into an area that was difficult to reach. Additional line was used with two other boom pumps: 150 feet with the other 38-Meter and 70 feet with one of the 46-Meter units.

Most of the six pumping units were equipped with the Putzmeister .20H pump cell. These cells pushed up the average hourly placement of concrete to more than 900 yards. The general contractor’s previous experience with a different pumping company was 1,200 yards an hour on average while using more than twice as many (15) boom pumps.

The same seven pumps were used on the second pour as on the first pour. But this time each pumped directly from the end hose to the mat with no additional line or piggy-back, pump-to-pump method used. As with the first pour, equipment performed well, with no service problems encountered.

The general contractor, Newway Construction, San Diego, selected Catalina Pacific of Irvine to supply the 4,000-psi concrete mix. Newway Construction also relied on Fleming Concrete Pumping, Santa Ana, Calif., to handle the task of pumping, marking the first time the two companies had worked together.

Fleming Concrete Pumping was organized when two entrepreneurial brothers joined forces in the early ‘90s. Having worked for a California-based pumping company for 12 years prior, Alan and Colin Fleming were familiar with equipment and operations.

The brothers cashed in their 401K plans, located a used 36-Meter pump on the East Coast, bought it late on a Friday night, then proceeded to drive it more than 2,500 miles to the West Coast. Despite experiencing some mechanical truck problems en route, they arrived back in time to handle the 5 a.m. Monday pour they had confidently scheduled. The purchase of their pump was well timed – the 1994 Northridge earthquake unfortunately created plenty of concrete work. In fact, the first two weeks after buying their pump, the brothers worked the unit around the clock, stopping only to refuel.

During their first year in business, the Flemings were like night owls, pumping concrete after dark to retrofit several bridges. These jobs were in addition to their daylight pours. The brothers soon gained a reputation for their solid work and their business grew.

Alan Fleming now heads up the sales work while Colin manages operations. Together, they have made Fleming Concrete Pumping one of the fastest growing concrete pumping companies in the Los Angeles area. Their equipment fleet consists of more than 30 units with Putzmeister their favored brand.

“Our operators love the Putzmeisters and we’ve had great success with them,” Alan Fleming said. “The units are pumper friendly, have a fast pumping capacity, and offer large fuel capacities. There are just a lot of great features to sell contractors.”

His brother added, “It was a real eye opener when we started running Putzmeister pumps. The units are extremely smooth and efficient. Although you have to consider backup plans, it’s not as big an issue with the reliability of today’s equipment.”

In March, a Putzmeister 36-Meter separate placing boom and BSA 1409 high-pressure trailer pump were brought to the Irvine work site to assist with deck pours and overall increase the efficiency of concrete placement in a high-rise situation.

“I’ve worked with other placing booms before, but this one definitely beats all the rest,” Alan Fleming said. “Others bounce like a yo-yo so it’s tough to have a hose man at the end. However with the Putzmeister, there’s nothing noticeable as far as any boom bounce.”

Construction of the two towers will consume more than 58,000 yards of concrete. Approximately 73 percent of the condominiums have been sold or reserved. The first occupants are scheduled to move in during late 2005.

Located at the southeast corner of Jamboree Road and the Interstate 405, Park Place's future development sites are situated on 90 acres just a mile from John Wayne (Orange County) Airport and less than a mile from the University of California at Irvine. When completed over the next 15 years, Park Place will encompass more than 4 million square feet of commercial office, retail and residential space valued at more than $1 billion.

Owner: Bosa Development California Inc., Irvine, Calif.
General Contractor: Newway Construction, San Diego
Concrete Supplier: Catalina Pacific, Irvine
Pumping Contractor: Fleming Concrete Pumping, Santa Ana, Calif.
Equipment: 38-Meter, 46-Meter, 52-Meter and 55-Meter Putzmeister concrete boom pumps; Putzmeister .20H pump cells