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Pumping for a Cause

Four of the eight truck-mounted concrete boom pumps in All Ways Concrete Pumping’s fleet are painted pink to support breast cancer awareness.

Embassy Suites will be the first hotel directly connected to New York’s largest entertainment, shopping and dining destination, Destiny USA.

All Ways placed 7,500 cubic yards (5,734m3) of tight slump concrete mix required for the Embassy Suites project using two truck-mounted boom pumps.

Due to the post-tension decks, All Ways was not able to use a placement system, instead reaching the highest floors with the 52Z-Meter.

Pumping for a Cause

Family owned and operated, All Ways Concrete Pumping (All Ways) was established in May 2005 in Weedsport, New York. In 2014, Diana Sroka took ownership of the company, quickly making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. As a 12-year breast cancer survivor, Sroka is passionate about helping in the fight against breast cancer. In 2014, she had the company’s first trailer pump painted pink, and the next year she had its first boom truck painted pink with breast cancer ribbons to help raise awareness. Today, four of the eight Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom pumps in the company’s fleet are painted pink for the cause. All Ways recently completed work on the new eight-story Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse – Destiny USA in Syracuse, New York (Embassy Suites) with the help of a pink 47Z-Meter and a 52Z-Meter Truck Mounted Concrete Boom Pump. The project’s concrete contractor, Hueber-Breuer Construction Co. (Hueber-Breuer), retained All Ways to place the 7,500 cubic yards (5,734m3) of concrete required for the job.

“All Ways Concrete Pumping has always come through to satisfy our concrete needs, however big or small,” said Aaron Walter, project manager for Hueber-Breuer. “And they do so with courtesy, professionalism and a smile. They are a great team to work with.”

Importance of Maneuverability
Beginning in June 2016, the All Ways boom pumps arrived onsite at Embassy Suites at 4:00 a.m. to begin pumping, working four-to-five days a week. Early morning pours enabled Hueber-Breuer to form columns on the deck later the same afternoon. The columns were then poured the following day. While efficient, this process also resulted in one of the biggest challenges All Ways faced on the project--maneuvering around the 14-foot (4.3m) columns to place concrete.

“The multiple-section boom pumps enabled optimal reach around the large columns,” said Sroka. “Their flexibility was crucial in completing this job with efficiency and precision.”

The five-section 47Z-Meter was used for Embassy Suites floors one through five and allowed the All Ways operators to maneuver around the columns easily to place concrete. The 52Z-Meter was used for the higher levels, given its longer reach.

“Due to the post-tension decks, we were not able to use a placement system,” explained Sroka. “But we were still able to reach the heights needed with the boom pumps allowing for direct placement.”

Racing the Clock
Because Embassy Suites is located in Central New York, weather was a factor in the pour scheduling timeline for the project. Due to the extreme cold and high snowfall amounts in the Syracuse, N.Y. area, it was crucial for the concrete to be placed before winter set in. Thus, the pours started in June 2016, in the heat of summer, with some days reaching 90°F and higher.

The ready-mix supplier, Riccelli-Northern, was required to create a mix design that would reach 5,000psi strength in 24 hours. The mix had to be treated with multiple chemicals to provide a fast set time with high strength, while still remaining pumpable and workable. With the extremely fast set time it was critical to get the spacing of the mixer trucks and time of placement correct.

“Working with a mix that cures so quickly creates an extremely high-stress environment for all parties involved,” said Sroka. “Our main concern was being able to pump concrete and then place it on each deck to exact locations without delays. Riccelli-Northern was able to meet all the requirements necessary to complete the job and our pumps were able to handle the tight slump mix smoothly and without any downtime.”

Embassy Suites Completion
Embassy Suites is the first hotel directly connected to New York’s largest entertainment, shopping and dining destination. Visited by 26 million guests every year, Destiny USA has 250 places to shop and dine. Featuring an onsite restaurant and pool, the 209-room Embassy Suites is slated to be the go-to property for guests traveling to Central New York.

The concrete for the job was completed late 2016 and the $48 million Embassy Suites is expected to open in fall 2017. The project has created more than 200 construction jobs and will create 70 permanent jobs upon completion.

Breast Cancer Awareness
All Ways is one of the few companies in Central New York to have specialized Putzmeister trucks. The pink trucks with breast cancer ribbons draw further attention to breast cancer awareness, a cause All Ways holds near. In addition to spreading breast cancer awareness through the trucks, Sroka organizes an annual breast cancer research fundraiser and an annual breast cancer walk to benefit the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of Central New York.

Owner/Developer: Pyramid Corporation—Nisku, Alberta
General Contractor: Hueber-Breuer Construction Co.—Syracuse, NY
Ready-Mix Supplier: Riccelli-Northern—Fulton, NY
Equipment Owner: All Ways Concrete Pumping—Auburn, NY
Equipment: One Putzmeister 47Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump, one Putzmeister 52Z-Meter Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump