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Pumped Up about the Steelers

Pumped Up about the Steelers

In the final playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers football team had a shot at going to this year's Super Bowl, and there were plenty of fans rooting for them.

Two of them, Ed and Donna Femc, are the owners of L&E Concrete Pumping, Pittsburgh. To show their hometown spirit, the Femc's took their newest Putzmeister 36-Meter boom pump, which was painted the lively black and gold Steeler colors, and proudly displayed it with a 8 x 12 ft team banner outside the newly built Heinz Field stadium.

As it was impossible to set up on the stadium's parking lot due to various restrictions, the boom pump was positioned behind a temporary fence on an adjoining construction site still under progress. Because L&E had pumped there prior to the games, the contractor gladly welcomed them and their eye-catching Putzmeister pump.

The Pittsburgh-based contractor was the Joseph B. Fay Company, who employed L&E to pump the walkways under the bridge leading to the stadium along with the adjoining North Shore Riverfront Park — a project totaling $14 million still under construction. L&E also handled pumping phase four of the $4.2 million North Shore infrastructure surrounding the stadium for Paliotta Construction, Pittsburgh.

Donna Femc said, "We're serious Steeler fans and proud to have been involved in pumping related sections associated with the overall construction of the new stadium this year."

A great deal of exposure heralded the vibrant L&E pump during the play-offs, as interested fans stopped by and questioned Ed and Donna about the unusual vehicle. The boom pump even caught the eye of a local television network and prominently appeared on the evening news in both the opening and closing segments of the broadcast.

Now, L&E is debating whether to paint all their new pumps the stunning black and gold colors or just keep this one as a "token" boom pump to cheer on the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates — all professional Pittsburgh-based teams, which have the exact same black and gold colors.

Ironically, what started out as a simple way for L&E to show their team spirit at two great big tailgate parties somehow turned into a massive publicity campaign. The Femc's simply say, "The pump was just a way for us to really show our excitement and support for the team during the playoffs, but it also increased awareness about pumping concrete and gave our company some great exposure."

In the final playoff game, the New England Patriots were victorious over the Steelers. When asked what happens now that the team isn't going to the Superbowl, Ed Femc said, "With this traveling billboard, we'll show our team support throughout the coming year. And besides, there's always next year for the 'big' win."