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Mowlem's Hixon

Mowlem's Hixon

On one of your contracts at Hixon, Stafford Pochin's successfully placed concrete using an innovative machine called the Telebelt. The Telebelt is a mobile telescopic conveyor with a reach capability of 24.4 M and a delivery rate of 275m3/hr.

It is unique in that it does not just place concrete but ballast, stone, gravel, soil and sand. The concrete does not have to be a pumpable mix as non-pump mixes are no problem. (Up to 125 slump and below)

The exciting feature is that we are able restrict the slew and main placing arm heights to suit site conditions. Therefore we are able to get as close as is required to improve site productivity. The slew restriction feature was a direct result of co-operation between Mowlem's site personal and Pochin's. Site had a problem and through constructive discussion a solution was successfully achieved. A WIN/WIN for both parties.

This feature was used on your contract at Nixon, Stafford and was dimmed an overwhelming success. And meant that the need to shutdown that section of the railway was averted.

Contracts Manager - Charlie Price,
Agent - Eddie Harper
General Foreman - Spencer Brindley

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Project Manager - Paul Blanchard
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