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JLS Job Site Report TB 130

The above pictures show concrete placement for a retaining wall footing on a hill. It was unique in the fact that it was a pretty steep climb for the Telebelt and the site was very narrow. The powered “active” feeder made setup much easier than it would have been with a TB 32/105, and a TB 32/105 could not have reached the whole footing in one setup.

The sand placement was backfill for an irrigation canal. The fill was placed between the wall and the cut bank next to an active roadway. This way the contractor could place the fill without interrupting the road traffic. They only had enough wall completed to require 350 tons of sand fill. Telebelt placed it in 2 hours, including one move. A 3 yard rock hopper was used over the standard hopper. The rock hopper was charged by a 3 yard side-dumping loader that had a very short run to the stockpile. The material was a coarse sand that flowed very well.

JLS Job Site Report TB 130

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