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Concrete Boom Pump Supports Soaring Eagles

Lehigh’s 32Z-Meter boom pump was in an ideal location to show its team spirit when squeezing into a highly congested space next to the Eagles stadium and pumping concrete slabs for the installation of additional heating units for the luxury boxes.

Lehigh Concrete Placement of Whitehall, PA shows its football team spirit with its 32Z-Meter Putzmeister boom pump boldly painted the Philadelphia Eagles team colors and decalled with both the team's mascot and famed Nest of Death logo.

Concrete Boom Pump Supports Soaring Eagles

Specially-painted Putzmeister pump fits in tight spot at Philadelphia football stadium

STURTEVANT, Wis. (February 2, 2005) – In the Fall of 2003, the Philadelphia Eagles football team opened their home season at Lincoln Financial Field. During initial construction of the impressive stadium, a Putzmeister concrete boom pump assisted with the concrete placement. In October 2004, a special Putzmeister BSF 32Z.16H boldly painted with the Eagles football team colors was in the game, pumping concrete slabs for the installation of additional heating units for the luxury boxes.

Concrete contractor, D’Andrea Brothers Concrete of Bensalem, PA relied upon the concrete pumping services of Lehigh Concrete Placement, Inc. of Whitehall, PA. Lehigh’s Putzmeister 32Z-Meter concrete pump was selected for its dependable performance and reach capabilities.

Darin Freed, owner of Lehigh and thoroughly devoted Eagles fan says, “When it comes to football, Philly fans are tough. Of course, it’s the same way when pumping concrete here. Construction crews demand tough equipment and dependable service. That’s why we promote Putzmeister and portray our equipment in this loyal and spirited manner.”

Decaled with both the team’s mascot and famed “Nest of Death” logo, the concrete boom pump was in an ideal location to show its team spirit while soaring over obstacles to place concrete.

Before taking delivery of a new boom pump in March of 2004, Lehigh had it specially outfitted “Eagles style”. By coincidence, the company’s green and white colors are the same as the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

Darin says, “I specifically had the ‘Nest of Death’ logo put on the unit. When it comes to watching football, especially in the 700 level Nest of Death bleacher section of the former Veterans’ Stadium – where the snowballing Santa episode and other overly enthusiastic actions took place – it’s apparent that fans tend to push the envelope. In addition to showing my highly spirited team loyalty, I think the decal also helps people better relate to the unit’s more assertive capabilities.”

Ideal for the stadium job in particular, Lehigh’s boom pump features exceptional vertical and horizontal reach – 105-ft and 92-ft, respectively. Plus, its extremely compact outrigger footprint was a “must” when positioning within the strict confines of the setup location. By squeezing into a highly congested space close to the building, the boom pump was able to reliably pump about 200 yards of concrete during the two-day job.

Bill Gaumer, General Manager of Lehigh said, “We wish the boom pump would have been needed longer, as its team colors and decals fit in perfectly at the Eagles home field.”

However, the job – accomplished during the busy football season – was finished quickly and efficiently due to several contributing factors. First, the boom pump had the ability to easily maneuver into a tight area and still fully deploy its outriggers. Second, it could get close enough to the slab to avoid adding extra hose. Third, the unit could pump the mix quickly, as it is capable of high outputs up to 210 cubic yards an hour. And finally, it received the concrete supplied by James D. Morrissey of Philadelphia without delay.

Offering both truck- and trailer-mounted concrete pumps, Lehigh provides pumping services within eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Cliff Freed (Darin’s father) and the late Tom Kehnel started Lehigh Concrete Pumping together in 1967. Darin took over the business when the two men retired in 1997. Today’s second-generation business touts itself as “a small company with big ideas.”

Its big idea to promote Eagles team spirit on its equipment is very possibly the team’s good luck charm. After losing three straight championship games in the last three seasons, the Eagles finally came up big this year with a visit to Super Bowl XXXIX, the first time they’ve achieved the honor in 24 years.

Super Bowl winners or not, Philly fans have always remained loyal to their NFC football team and showed their spirit in a variety of ways. Lehigh’s way just happens to be a traveling billboard of team support.

Concrete contractor: D’Andrea Brothers Concrete – Bensalem, PA
Pumping contractor: Lehigh Concrete Placement, Inc. – Whitehall, PA
Ready-mix supplier: James D. Morrissey – Philadelphia, PA
Equipment: Putzmeister BSF 32Z .16H truck-mounted concrete boom pump