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Compact, Quiet Putzmeister Pump, Ideal for Hush-Hush Job in Exclusive, Off-Shore Florida Community

Quality Concrete Pumping has purchased 30 Thom-Katts over the years. The contractor’s Putzmeister TK 25 trailer pump was praised for its compact size, high performance and quiet operational characteristics.

Bordered by Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Fisher Island near Miami is an exclusive location for jetsetters. Construction continues on the island.

Compact, Quiet Putzmeister Pump, Ideal for Hush-Hush Job in Exclusive, Off-Shore Florida Community

STURTEVANT, Wis. (March 29, 2004) – Celebrities and other residents of exclusive Fisher Island near Miami treasure the serenity of their 216-acre tropical paradise. Here, the security, beauty and tranquility of island living are available alongside luxurious accommodations and the finest amenities.

But construction must continue, even in paradise, and that means noise. Or does it?

Construction crews recently found a way to keep the peace during construction of an upscale 10-story condominium project by relying on a Putzmeister America concrete pump. The Putzmeister Thom-Katt® TK 25 trailer pump also fit in well on a crowded worksite and proved easy to transport via barge from the mainland to the island.

With its standard “quietized” feature, the TK 25 was used to fill cinder blocks with concrete on the Bayview VIII development. An enclosed and insulated fiberglass hood on the pump significantly reduce engine noise. Because pumping often started in the wee hours of the morning, this model proved ideal for work on the island.

With 30 Thom-Katt units in its fleet, Quality Concrete Pumping, Coral Springs, Fla., was chosen for this hush-hush job. “The TK 25 is best suited for residential areas where noise and congestion are an issue,” said Jim Henegar, co-owner of Thomas Machinery Inc., a Putzmeister dealer serving the Miami area. “In particular, this condo job on an exclusive island of jetsetters was a perfect example. The compact unit could easily be set up within a crowded job site and was so quiet you didn’t know the pump was even running. We also feel the unit will be successful because it pumps in both forward and reverse and is easy to clean out.”

Quality Concrete typically dispatches a two-person crew to each jobsite. One person operates the trailer pump and one runs the hose. It’s proven to be a successful approach that has kept even the company’s first customers coming back for the past 15 years, said George White, vice president, Quality Concrete.

A two-man crew was sent out to Fisher Island whenever masonry contractor Kendall Masonry, West Palm Beach, Fla., made the call for equipment and personnel.

A ground slab was poured first. Ten floors then were constructed with concrete block placed between the floors. With its full hydraulics and diesel engine, the TK 25 easily filled the block cells with a coarse masonry grout and a 3,000-psi, pea-rock mix.

“The TK 25 was required to pump up to 10 stories high and then pump concrete through 350 feet of 2-inch rubber hose on each floor,” White said. “No pipe was used. That alone tells the story about the pump’s performance. The unit handled the block fill without a problem whatsoever. In addition, it helped pump the garage, basement slabs and window sills.”

Along with the need for a relatively quiet concrete pump, the job also demanded that equipment be transported by barge and set up on an intensely congested job site.

Bordered by Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, tycoon William Vanderbilt created the island retreat in the 1920s. The island is named in honor of Carl Fisher, a pioneer Miami Beach developer.

No bridges link Fisher Island to the mainland, which is about a mile away. Water taxis and ferry service guarantee the island’s exclusivity, privacy and security.

Getting onto the island is not an easy feat. Security staff that mans a checkpoint asks for two, and sometimes three photo identification cards from non-residents to access the loading dock of the construction barge.

With only water transportation available, the compact, lightweight TK 25 pump easily made the trek by ferry to accommodate its early morning setups. Ready-Mix trucks would follow the TK 25 out to the island via barge throughout the day.

“A typical working day has been eight hours with only about 10 yards pumped because of the slowness in getting concrete over by barge,” said Jeff White, president, Quality Concrete. “The most concrete placed in a day has been 30 yards.”

Site congestion also played havoc. Initially, a Putzmeister truck-mounted line pump (model VS 50) was used. But another alternative was sought after the truck was damaged on the crowded construction site. A Thom-Katt TK 50 trailer pump was used until the new, more compact TK 25 was delivered to Quality Concrete.

Residents appreciated the noise reduction, workers praised its performance and the pumping company maintained a high level of customer satisfaction with the general contractor, Coastal Homes, Miami.

George White offered a witty comment on use of the TK 25 on Fisher Island. “The typical vehicle seen on the island is a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar or Ferrari,” he said. “If it’s a Toyota, it belongs to a maid. Even golf carts are designed to look like a Bentley. Naturally, the Thom-Katt pump was a perfect fit amongst these other famous brand names.

Bayview VIII units will be priced from $1.6-$5.2 million. The project began in September 2003. Completion is expected in June 2004.

General contractor: Coastal Homes, Miami
Masonry contractor: Kendall Masonry, West Palm Beach, Fla.
Pumping contractor: Quality Concrete Pumping, Coral Springs, Fla.
Ready-Mix supplier: Rinker Materials, Miami
Equipment dealer: Thomas Machinery Inc., Miami
Equipment: Putzmeister Thom-Katt TK 25 and TK 50 trailer pumps; Thom-Katt VS 50 truck-mounted pump