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C’mon Inn…

C’mon Inns feature a distinctive building configuration, which allowed the Multi-Z boom configuration of a 32-Meter EnterpriseTM to highlight its versatility when placing concrete during construction of the new Bozeman, MT hotel property.

The Putzmeister boom pump could drive inside the structure, unfold and weave its Multi-Z boom up and down under low beams like an unfolding yardstick.

Concrete for the hotel project is being dispatched by the JTL Group and pumped by Lea Concrete Pumping, both based in Belgrade, MT.

A smooth concrete flow is achieved with the boom pump’s exclusive free flow hydraulics.

Due to the restrictive setup conditions, the truck-mounted Thom-Katt® line pump was positioned outside the building and pumped concrete to distances over 300 ft.

The line pump is capable of achieving up to 74 cubic yards an hour output and a maximum 1130-psi pressure.

Two-inch delivery line snaked up stairs and around corners to reach tight spots in placing concrete for the upper walkways, which overlook the open indoor courtyard.

Using the line pump enabled effective concrete placement within tight areas and odd spots.

C’mon Inn…

Hotel Name Intended for Guests, But Concrete Pumps Also Find Ways to Enter

STURTEVANT, Wis. (August 1, 2006): The hotel name “C’mon Inn” sounds inviting to guests seeking a warm and friendly resort atmosphere. However, spacious accommodations have one meaning for guests and another for concrete pumps, especially during construction of the hotel chain’s new Bozeman, Montana property.

Construction progressing inside the 125-unit hotel required working under low overhead beams within an uncommon three-story building configuration. To access several difficult-to-reach areas in pumping concrete over the past eight months, Lea Concrete Pumping of Bozeman, Montana relied on a variety of models and sizes from its growing fleet of Putzmeister truck-mounted concrete boom and line pumps.

“For placing concrete for the footings, walls and decks, our boom pumps were great,” says owner Jason Lea of the concrete pumping company he started in 1998. “For placing concrete almost everywhere else in the interior, we sent our line pump.”

Make Room for the Multi-Z Boom
Initially, the Putzmeister 40Z-Meter was deployed for the vast majority of the pumping. Offering a 128 ft. vertical and 115 ft. horizontal reach, it provided the boom lengths required to handle the footings, walls and two upper level decks. Plus, its Multi-Z boom maneuverability made it easier to access the decks.

“We centered the unit on the job so it provided plenty of reach from just one setup location,” notes Lea who purchased the unique BSF 40Z-Meter model about a year ago. “The unit is ideal when we need a combination of both the added reach and the versatility of a Z-boom.”

Although the 40Z-Meter did the lion’s share of the pumping, a special courtyard situated under low overhead beams required the Multi-Z boom reach of the smaller 32-Meter Enterprise™ boom pump. For access, the 32 ES-170 was driven inside the structure and the operator weaved the versatile Multi-Z boom up and down under low beams like an unfolding yardstick. This approach was used for four slabs within the courtyard, each requiring a four-inch concrete thickness.

“The Z-boom was the one and only choice for this application, as a 32-meter model that merely rolled out section by section could not have zigzagged its four-section boom under the low 26 ft. height beams spaced about 25 ft. apart,” notes Lea. “Plus, as we had just inches to spare in unfolding, anything other than a Z-boom would have required using extra delivery line.”

The general contractor, Innes Construction Co., Inc. of Grand Forks, North Dakota benefited from a faster completion along with reduced labor costs. Because dragging hose was unnecessary, the 40 cubic yard slab pours for the courtyard were all accomplished in about half the time. In addition, the hoseman could easily guide the boom’s end hose with its smooth concrete flow to the precise point of placement.

Line Pump Booked into New Hotel
Also employed on the project was a Putzmeister Thom-Katt® TK 70 truck-mounted concrete line pump, responsible for pumping the pools, steps, balconies and hallways. Mounted on a GMC truck for added mobility, the unit could be quickly driven on-site, delivery system unloaded from two spacious decks and pumping started in record time.

The line pump was particularly invaluable during work on the upper two levels of the hotel for unusual walkways, which stretched around the inside building perimeter and its open courtyard below. Due to the restrictive setup conditions, the truck was positioned outside the building while its delivery line snaked up stairs and around bends to reach tight areas and awkward locations for placing a lightweight concrete mix.

Although capable of outputs up to 74 cubic yards an hour, the unit only needed about half that volume while pumping through two-inch delivery line. However, its high pressures proved essential, as a combination of horizontal and vertical delivery line extended over a distance of 300 feet. The unit’s performance enabled the crew to place approximately 30 yards of concrete to complete the walkway of each level in under 2-1/2 hours.

A Special Niche
Carving out a unique market in Montana, Lea Concrete Pumping claims to have the only truck-mounted line pump in the state. “We want to accommodate our customers’ needs as much as possible,” notes Lea, “so the unit makes sense in handling jobs that a boom pump can’t do as effectively, especially when two-inch delivery line is needed.“

A strong proponent of truck-mounted line pumps, Lea reasons that the “truck offers greater mobility in transit, plenty of space for hauling supplies, and a hydraulically-driven water tank for more convenient clean-up.” Plus, since the unit doesn’t require a CDL license, the pumping company also uses it as a training tool to educate new operators.

“We’ve been extremely successful with the unit, as it’s booked solid almost every single day,” adds Lea. “It certainly was the most cost-effective alternative in handling specialty concrete placing work for the new C’mon Inn.”

Although a valued model, the line pump wasn’t the first in Lea’s fleet. Having started a wall foundation business in 1990, Lea purchased a 28-Meter Putzmeister pump eight years later to handle his own work. The unit, however, was kept busy pumping for others within southwestern Montana. Consequently, the fleet grew to seven units. Today, with the company’s recent addition of a larger 47Z-Meter, plans are to further expand business throughout the entire state.

Make Your Reservations
As of this summer, the new hotel has consumed over 2,400 cubic yards of concrete. All concrete is being dispatched by JTL Group-Belgrade, a company within the Knife River Corporation, who in turn, is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of the MDU Resources Group, Inc. of Bismarck, ND. Meanwhile, the flatwork is being expertly handled by MKM Flatwork of Billings, Montana.

At its projected fall 2006 grand opening, the new hotel will unveil its many outstanding amenities, including two pools, five hot tubs, private balconies, meeting facilities and a business center. With the recent addition of the Bozeman facility, the number of C’mon Inns jumps to eight hotel properties.

General contractor: Innes Construction Co., Inc. – Grand Forks, ND
Flatwork contractor: MKM Flatwork – Billings, MT
Pumping contractor: Lea Concrete Pumping – Belgrade, MT
Ready mix supplier: JTL Group – Belgrade, MT