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Clean Site, Clean Approach to Pumping

With Putzmeister's OneTouch, there is virtually no boom bounce for a smooth output at the end hose.

The Putzmeister Multi-Z booms showed their versatility by handling slabs efficiently and by getting in-between floors easily, resulting in less system and less handling of hose.

Clean Site, Clean Approach to Pumping

It may be the cleanest construction site around because if any one is caught eating, drinking or smoking within 25 feet of it, they're removed from the job. Amgen is enforcing these stringent rules, under the watchful eye of FDA inspectors, during the expansion of the company's facilities.
With Putzmeister's OneTouch, there is virtually no boom bounce for a smooth output at the end hose.

Amgen is a global biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and markets important human therapeutics based on advances in cellular and molecular biology. Because of the sensitivity of the company's business, it is imperative that no contaminated food particles, ashes or other debris remain during the construction of a $62 million laboratory and office building addition. Any infractions and Amgen could stand to lose its license.

The new Amgen laboratory, called building AC-24, will be a three-story, 220,000-square-foot structure at a cost of $46 million. The $16 million office building, designated building AC-27, will be a four-story, 80,000-square-foot facility.

Ironically, biotechnology is indirectly benefiting from concrete pumping technology. That's because the advanced Putzmeister OneTouchTM system is helping to construct Amgen's new buildings.

Maintains distance parameters
OneTouch is the first industry-wide control system where a single joystick "automatically" moves all boom sections and slewing in tandem, while keeping the end hose level at all times - no matter how fast or slow the pumping or how often the boom moves. The operator simply selects a specific height for the end hose, locks it in, and the system maintains these distance parameters throughout the pumping process. The individual boom sections automatically move to achieve the specified end hose level.

This special auto-controlled boom for truck-mounted pumps is featured on the Putzmeister 36Z-Meter found in Lucht's Concrete Pumping fleet. Dispatched from the company's Longmont, Colo., branch location, it's used to pump caissons, foundations, decks and slabs for the Amgen job.

In particular, the OneTouch system turned out to be ideal for caissons, as the boom pump operator never had to worry about the boom's geometry in keeping the end hose perfectly centered. OneTouch automatically took care of it.

"It's like filling an ice cream cone at the Dairy Queen," according to Dave Kauffman of Lucht's, "The one-handed approach keeps the end hose from hitting the sides of the caissons and makes the unit easier to operate compared to using different levers for each boom and rotate function."

Mike Littell, senior superintendent for M.A. Mortenson, the general contractor, said, "It was like OneTouch was made especially for pumping caissons. It handled these almost effortlessly, and it also works great for our slabs. The process is fast, efficient and really smooth without any jerking at the end hose."

Several pump sizes used on job
Besides the Putzmeister 36Z in Lucht's fleet, almost every size from 28 to 52 meters is being used on the job at one time or another for pumping foundations, decks and slabs. The larger 46X and 52Z models are especially ideal for reaching the upper floor decks. It keeps the number of unit moves to a minimum, and that translates into added productivity and reduced labor costs, according to the general contractor.

Most often the pumps with the highly versatile Multi-Z booms are requested from Lucht's fleet, as Littell said, "I'm really pleased with Putzmeister Z booms because they get in-between the floors so easily, and that means less system and less handling of hose is needed."

He added, "Overall, I'm very impressed with all the Putzmeister equipment that Lucht's has brought to the site. It's all fairly new, well maintained and has lots of advanced features that make the job go really smooth. We haven't experienced any problems."

For this job, Mortenson submitted a standard 5-1/2-to 6-sack mix of AE and non-AE concrete to be used without plasticizers, and the architects, MRY/HLW of Santa Monica, Cali., accepted their recommendation. LaFarge supplied the concrete from its Longmont, Colo., location.

The two buildings are being built at Amgen's Longmont headquarters and will consume about 7,200 yards of concrete when completed in January 2003.

Owner: Amgen - Longmont, Colo.
Lead/Design Architect: MRY/HLW - Santa Monica, Calif.
General contractor: M.A. Mortenson - Denver, Colo.
Pumping contractor: Lucht's Concrete Pumping - Longmont, Colo.
Ready-mix supplier: LaFarge - Longmont, Colo.
Equipment: Putzmeister 28Z, 32Z, 36Z with OneTouchTM, 42X, 46X and 52Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pumps