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Carillion - Pedestrian Subway at Ackers Crossing - Congleton

Carillion - Pedestrian Subway at Ackers Crossing - Congleton

The project was to position a reinforced concrete box pedestrian subway under a railway line, thus removing the need for pedestrians to walk over the track via a surface crossing. The placement involved a 54 hour possession where approximately 30 metres of track was removed allowing the subway to be positioned via a jack and slide system.

Once in position the sides were backfilled and the track was reinstated; this is where the Telebelt came into its own. Using the larger material hopper attachment available an excavator loaded stone directly into it. The Telebelt then placed the stone directly to the point where it was required, evenly and swiftly. At set intervals the stone was then compacted as required.

Site comments were...

The level of control achieved with the remote unit was impressive. There was very little additional leveling out of material and the versatility of the machine meant that the backfilling operation was continuous, switching from side to side in an instant. The reduction in plant effectively eliminated damage to the benching detail and the geotextile layer and, most importantly, ensured that the area was kept clear of plant and debris, removing all the normal risks associated with such a task. All of the above contributed to a safer operation and a substantial gain in a very tight program.

Construction Manager - Chris Jackson.
Senior Engineer - Martin Dobby.
General Foreman - John Cassidy

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