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BSA 14000 Takes Care of Tall Order

Two ready-mix trucks discharge simultaneously to keep up the momentum. Each floor consumes an average of 400 cubic yards of concrete.

The 80-story building being built by Goldman Sachs will be the tallest in New Jersey. When completed in the spring of 2003, more then 23,000 cubic yards of concrete will have been placed above grade.

BSA 14000 Takes Care of Tall Order

The investment company of Goldman Sachs is building an office high-rise similar to its existing Manhattan site but in a much higher fashion. At 794 feet, it will be the tallest building in New Jersey when complete; and it will overtake Newport Towers, currently the highest building in the state.

At the end of Hudson Street in Jersey City next to the landmark Colgate clock, the new 80-story building under construction is on prime waterfront property. It overlooks the Hudson River with the Statute of Liberty in clear view. The site was selected to be an emergency backup office because financial companies such as Goldman Sachs realized the importance of storing vital data records in multiple locations even before the 9/11 tragedy. Just across the river, Jersey City proved to be a close, convenient location.

The towering office building is a structural steel design, so a single Putzmeister BSA 14000 HP-D trailer pump is handling all the concrete from the 12th floor up. The Alexander Wagner Company, the local Putzmeister dealer located in Paterson, New Jersey, recommended and then supplied the high-pressure trailer pump to Turner Construction, the general contractor.

The particular Putzmeister pump chosen is capable of up to 134 yards an hour output with a maximum 3,190-psi pressure. Alex Wagner, co-owner of Alexander Wagner Company, said, "With its powerful 500 horsepower engine and high pressure S-valve, the pump can easily handle the high volume and long distance needed. And that's even with the excessive amount of line the job requires."

150 feet of pipe across deck
Five-inch pipe climbs up the wall - at 500-foot heights as of mid-July. Then an additional 150 feet of pipe stretches across the deck. But whereas it's typical to see four to five sections of 5-inch wire hose connected, instead there are fifteen 10-foot long hose sections. Together, they make up the 150-foot delivery line for workers to hold when placing concrete. Fortunately, because of the pump's free-flow hydraulics, the flow of concrete is smooth and controllable even though the long and heavy hose can make handling it a bit tiring.

The process is further compounded when at 500-foot heights, the concrete is being pumped at an incredibly fast rate of 103 cubic yards an hour, double the normal output for high-rise buildings. However, the crew works at a rapid pace to keep up with the trailer pump's speed and efficiency.

Consequently, each floor consumes an average of 400 yards of concrete and is virtually accomplished without shutting down the pump. Plus, a floor is completed before noon and thereby avoids overtime.

The total square footage of the entire building when completed will be 1.6 million square feet. The building's ground floor is 150,000 square feet. Extending up from the 8th to the top floor, the area's size descends from 55,000 square feet to 28,000 square feet per floor. However, no matter what size floor the crew is on, there is fast moving concrete and a long 150-foot hose to maneuver.

Alex Wagner said, "Basically each floor has a large area to cover in a short amount of time and at extreme heights. Because the Putzmeister 14000 has both the highest pressures and outputs on the market today, it's perfect for high-rise jobs like this one. We're pumping fast and hard, and the trailer pump has made the difference in getting the job done efficiently as well as quicker than anticipated."

The Alexander Wagner Company also supplied almost every size concrete boom pump imaginable to place concrete on the lower floors. It started with its Putzmeister 32-, 36- and 38X-Meter units and moved up to the longer reaching 42X-, 46X- and 55-Meter Putzmeister boom pumps as the job progressed upward.

The diesel-powered 14000 trailer pump was purchased at the 2002 World of Concrete show and went almost directly to the job site in February. Ever since its arrival, it has remained on site pumping twice a week without any problems.

Two mixer trucks are used
Eastern Materials' Jersey batch plant is supplying the concrete, which is a typical 4,000-psi hard rock and 4,000-psi lightweight mix. Usually, two mixer trucks are discharging simultaneously to keep up the momentum.

Having started the $1 billion plus project in September 2000, the Goldman Sachs building will be complete in the spring of 2003. At that time, over 23,000 yards of concrete will have been placed above grade to construct the tallest building in New Jersey to date.

Co-owner Frank Wagner of the Alexander Wagner Company said, "Including this high profile project, we've done over 20 jobs along the rapidly expanding New Jersey waterfront. Because we've dominated the shoreline with our equipment, you could basically say 'Putzmeister owns the block'."

Owner: Goldman Sachs
General contractor: Turner Construction - Dallas
Pumping contractor: Alexander Wagner Company - Paterson, N.J.
Concrete contractor: Interstate Industrial Corporation - Clifton, N.J.
Ready-mix supplier: Eastern Materials - Jersey City, N.J.
Equipment: Putzmeister BSA 14000 HP-D trailer pump, Putzmeister boom pumps (6) including models BSF 32.16H, BSF 36.16H, BSF 38X.16H, BSF 42X.16H, BSF 46X.16H, and BSF 55.20H