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“Aloha 61”

The long reach of the Putzmeister 61-Meter boom pump and a fast-track tunnel form construction method are efficiently placing 7,650 cubic yards (5,850m³) of concrete for Country Club Village 6, a 17-story residential tower in Honolulu.

A placing boom and tower would have been used for concrete placement at the high-rise if Ohana Concrete Pumping of Hawaii had not quickly added a new 61-Meter to its fleet to handle the job's high reach requirements.

Setup in a congested area, the Ohana unit is easily recognized on jobsites by its prominent colors and Hawaiian flag emblazoned on its sides.

Although ample space is available for setup on the Village 6 jobsite, the 61-Meter features Putzmeister’s exclusive One-Sided Support (OSS) system, which can safely reduce the outrigger span on the non-working side of the unit for setup in about one-third less space than with the outriggers fully deployed.

Unfolding the 61-Meter upon its arrival in Hawaii, Ohana team members marvel at the unit's exceptionally long 197' 2

Offering the largest truck-mounted concrete boom pump known in the South Pacific today is Ohana Concrete Pumping, established in 2005 by brothers (L to R) Joe Frederick, Operations Manager and Willy Frederick, President; and Kathy Thornberry, CEO (sister).

“Aloha 61”

Contractors welcome Putzmeister 61-Meter as the largest concrete boom pump in the South Pacific

STURTEVANT, WI (April 28, 2008) – When the Putzmeister 61-Meter concrete pump arrived in Honolulu, it was greeted as the largest truck-mounted boom pump in the South Pacific and put to work the very next day pumping concrete for a 17-story high rise. The new model, which joined Ohana Concrete Pumping’s (Ohana) fleet in Waianae, Hawaii, is a welcome addition for island contractors needing the unit’s exceptional 197' 2" (60.10m) vertical reach to pump concrete with greater efficiency.

The first South Pacific contractor benefiting from the boom pump’s valuable reach was Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc. of Honolulu – noted as Hawaii’s oldest and largest full-service construction company. Putting the unit to work 24 hours after its arrival, the contractor is utilizing the 61-Meter’s time-saving features to meet an aggressive construction schedule for Country Club Village 6, a 269-unit residential tower featuring one-bedroom units priced in the $200,000s and two-bedroom units in the $300,000s.

The high-rise building is the latest project within Country Club Village, a 942-unit condominium development on a 14-acre site adjacent to the Honolulu International Country Club. The community was started in the mid-1990s as a mix of affordably priced mid-rise and high-rise condos in the Salt Lake area; however, its sixth building was postponed in 1996 due to the state’s housing market slump. Over a decade later, the construction of Village 6 is underway by developer Salt Lake 6 LLC. With the condominium tower already “sold out”, a swift project completion is needed by early 2009 so occupancy can follow shortly thereafter.

Boom Pump Preference
Typically, the general contractor would have used a placing boom and tower combination to handle concrete placement for the high-rise because no other boom pump size available on the islands could meet the structure’s height requirements to the top level. However, when Ohana proposed adding a 61-Meter to its fleet to accomplish the major $50 million project, the boom pump approach was considered a more time efficient and cost-effective alternative.

“We went with the bigger boom pump because it had the reach we needed and would offer more convenience at the job site,” says Eric Takata, Project Superintendent at Hawaiian Dredging. “We wouldn’t need to schedule crane time to lift a placing boom, and we’d avoid patching holes on every floor once the tower was removed.”

As a result, Ohana was contracted to pump over 7,650 cubic yards (5,850m³) of concrete for the tower. This spurred Ohana family members Kathy Thornberry, CEO of the company’s certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE); Willy Frederick, President; and Joe Frederick, Operations Manager, to quickly order the 61-Meter from Putzmeister to fulfill their commitment. As the seventh boom pump added to the pumping company’s fleet since the business started in 2005, a BSF 61.16H with high 210 cubic yard an hour (160m³/hr) output was delivered in record time to accommodate the general contractor’s high reach and time-sensitive requirements.

Going Up Fast
While waiting for the 61-Meter’s debut in the tropical paradise, construction of the first floor for Village 6 began. Starting in January 2008, Ohana pumped concrete with its 47Z-Meter boom pump until the model’s maximum 151' 3" (46.10m) vertical reach was attained. Strategically planned, the 61-Meter arrived in time to take over concrete placement on the tower’s quick rise to the top. Making a grand entrance, the seven-axle 61-Meter boom pump, boldly painted red, white and blue with the Hawaiian state flag proudly emblazoned on it, drove off the ship one day and drove onto the Village 6 jobsite ready to work the next.

Equipped to handle the varying demands of today’s jobs, the unit came fully loaded with the latest Ergonic® technology, including Ergonic Boom Control (EBC) with OneTouch™ where a single joystick automatically moves all boom sections and slewing in tandem while keeping the end hose level. The 61-Meter also features Extended Range EBC with its versatile boom geometry, which allows the unit to set up right next to a building and extend its lower boom backwards to achieve a wider 170-degree working range (compared to 120-degrees without it). The result is greater maneuverability of the four-section, roll-and-fold boom to maximize the unit’s reach on high-rise projects.

“The brand new 61-Meter is an outstanding machine,” says Takata, “and Ohana’s operators are knowledgeable about what they’re doing.”

Under an intense five-day schedule, a floor a week is being completed while utilizing a tunnel form system. This fast-track construction method is well suited for repetitive forming projects such as hotels and apartment blocks, where a structural tunnel is created by pouring concrete into formwork to simultaneously construct the floor and walls. By using the boom pump and tunnel form combination, the project is maintaining a high-speed pace for completion of all concrete work by early summer.

Hawaiian Cement of Aiea is dispatching a 5,000-psi concrete mix, with 450 cubic yards (344m3) placed per floor on a weekly basis. The concrete producer is also supplying an estimated 8,000 cubic yards (6,116m3) of concrete for an adjacent seven-story parking structure, which includes 540 parking stalls, two elevators and stairways. Ohana is pumping the parking facility, again using a 47Z- and 61-Meter tag team approach, needed more for the units’ horizontal than vertical reach.

A Tight Squeeze
“The 61-Meter has become very popular since it arrived this spring,” says Joe Frederick of Ohana. “We serve all the Hawaiian islands, and contractors who need the extra reach are specifically planning their jobs around the unit’s availability. The boom pump is getting a real workout and performing both smoothly and reliably.”

In addition to pumping concrete at Village 6 about three days a week, the unit is assisting other contractors in long reach applications that are taking advantage of the unit’s many other advanced features. On the machine’s second day in Ohana’s fleet, Honolulu-based contractor Stacks Masonry requested the model’s extensive 183' 9" (56.01m) horizontal reach to pump concrete for 20 building columns.

Ohana fit the job into its busy schedule but then had to squeeze the unit into an extremely tight spot on the job site. However, the boom pump, equipped with Putzmeister’s exclusive One-Sided Support (OSS) system, features the ability to safely reduce the outrigger span on the non-working side of the unit. Therefore, the machine could set up in a compact area, with a front outrigger spread of 23' 10" (7.26m) and a rear outrigger spread of 26' 9" (8.15m), which is about one third less space than with the outriggers fully deployed. Once ready, the operator extended the long boom of this versatile model to access the exact point of concrete placement without dragging additional delivery line. It pumped 40 cubic yards (30m3) in only two hours.

“The 61 was perfect for this application, as there was no other way to get the job done as efficiently,” says Frederick. “Without the unit’s unique OSS outriggers and long reach, it would have meant a lot of hose, a lot of labor and a lot of time.”

On the Map
“Bringing the biggest boom pump available in the South Pacific to our fleet has put us on the map,” says Willy Frederick of Ohana. “It’s a major advancement for our region, and commercial contractors who want the biggest and the best are now looking at us to handle their important projects with our 61-Meter. Everyone wants the ‘big boy’.”

“As native Hawaiians, we’re anxious to help local contractors save time and labor costs when pumping concrete, and the new boom pump has been a blessing in establishing new business relationships,” adds Willy. “Since day one in business, our goal has been to provide the most modern and technologically advanced equipment, highly experienced operators and a safety-conscious emphasis on pumping concrete. As more projects requiring the reach of the 61-Meter come our way, more customers will have a chance to experience these services.”