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58-22-2 A Winning Combination in Reno

A Putzmeister 58-Meter concrete boom pump poured 22 single-home residential footings in nine hours. Each footing took about 25 yards of concrete.

58-22-2 A Winning Combination in Reno

At first glance, a 58-Meter - the largest sized concrete boom pump in North America - would seem impractical for a simple residential footing pour. But when you're using this long 190-foot reaching machine to pump more than 20 footings on the same job, same day,
it's the ideal choice.

That's according to Acme Concrete Pumping of Reno, Nev., who used its
58-Meter Putzmeister pump to pour 22 footings in nine hours with only two equipment moves this past March. The job was for Sommercal, the general contractor for Reonen and Bardis Homes.

"The contractor's goal was to do as many footings in a day with the fewest equipment moves possible," according to Jerry Kiger, general manager of Acme. "Therefore, it's very practical to use the larger sized 58-Meter. Because of its long reach, our Putzmeister 58-Meter doesn't require as many moves so that saves contractors both time and money."

From the initial setup, nine single-home residential footings were pumped from one spot. A quick move took place, which handled another nine homes, and then the unit moved a second time to finish up the remaining four.

This grouping approach allowed Sommercal to construct several homes at a
time and save money. Being done all at once in the same area also avoided damaging driveways and curbs.

On this particular job done in Reno, each footing took about 25 yards, with a
total of 560 yards placed. CB Concrete of Reno supplied the concrete during the pour, which averaged 60 to 70 yards an hour with a six-man crew.

David Taylor, the 58-Meter's operator with 20 years pumping experience, said, "Our large Putzmeister 58 is kept busy with two to three jobs a day because of its exceptional reach and quick setup." David also noted that, "We haven't had any problems with our Putzmeister 58, absolutely none. It's an excellent running pump and great for contractors like Sommercal who want to go for the gusto and get several footings done in a day."

Owner: Reonen and Bardis Homes - Reno, Nev.
General contractor: Sommercal - Sacramento, Calif., and Reno, Nev.
Pumping contractor: Acme Concrete Pumping - Reno, Nev.
Ready-mix supplier: CB Concrete - Reno, Nev.
Equipment: Putzmeister 58-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump