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45me Dri

Portable Dehydrator and Filter

The Putzmeister 45me Dri dehydrator and filter is specifically designed to efficiently remove free, dissolved and emulsified water and eliminate the negative effects of water and contamination on hydraulic systems. Today’s enhanced model offers even more features and performance with a new digital ISO readout and a 30% greater water removal rate.

The 45me Dri is a self-contained, compact and easy-to-use model that rolls into place for connection to an oil reservoir in less than five minutes. It will lower the water concentration in a typical 100-gallon reservoir from 2,400 ppm to 400 ppm over a 10- to 12-hour period, while at the same time removing harmful contaminants from the oil.*

With a high capacity 3 micron absolute replaceable multi-layer element filter and the dehydrator, the unit eliminates the need for expensive daily water removal cartridges found in competitive models. The dehydrator element has an expected life of four years with regular daily use.

  • Efficiently removes water and dirt from hydraulic oil systems
  • Extends system life and cuts costs
  • Digital ISO readout
  • Visual filter dirt-level gauge
  • High capacity 3 micron absolute element filter
  • Eliminates water removal element purchase and disposal costs
  • Built-in heater for macimum wate rremoval
  • Superior performance in cooler climates
  • Convenient, cost effective and economical
  • Ideal for mobile and industrial systems for clean fluid transfer
  • Suction and return hoses included
  • Built to NEC and CE requirements
  • 115 V single phase motor (other voltages available upon request)
  • Complete with 25 foot (7.60m) power cord
*Water contamination levels above 400ppm will decrease the life of hydraulic components by promoting corrosive wear. Above 1,000ppm, catastrophic failure of high-pressure piston pumps is possible, due to the resulting decrease in lubricating film strength and increase in frictional heating of the piston shoe, cylinder block and bearing surfaces. In addition, water lowers the vapor pressure of hydraulic fluids and can cause pump cavitation.


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