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Putzmeister – Your Worldwide Partner for Quality and Innovation

Since our founding in 1958, Putzmeister has continued to demonstrate the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit befitting a global leader. A dominant presence in the construction and heavy machinery industries, Putzmeister delivers solutions that are both technology driven and customer focused. Our worldwide reputation for excellence and expertise in our field is built on our commitment to application-oriented engineering and customer service.

In offering our customers more, Putzmeister employees are:

Flexible: Able to respond quickly and with a positive attitude to changing conditions to surpass customer demands.
Qualitative: Pursuing and achieving excellence, enthusiasm, discipline, fairness and punctuality.
Innovative: Prepared to accept challenges to produce better, more cost-efficient products and services.
Enthusiastic: Eager to apply one’s talents and abilities to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Competent: Reinforcing our company’s expertise through knowledge, experience and ongoing education.
Cost & Value Conscious: Making smart decisions based on customer needs and our company’s capabilities.

Executive Team

Peter Mendel
President and CEO
Bill Dwyer
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Marc Aguilar
Vice President of Sales - Latin America and the Caribbean
Jim Focareto
Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO
John Roberts
Engineering Director
Tom Easter
Director of Production Control and Material Planning
Doug Brunet
Director of Service and Technical Support
Eric Zimmermann
Director of Parts Sales and Pipe Technology
Holger Thiel
Director of Operations - Truck Mixer
Maximiliano Wagner
Puzmeister Brazil General Manager